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Green Apple Landscaping offers a complete residential landscape design and build service in Toronto. Green Apple Landscaping employs skilled and certified landscape professionals. Our services include custom woodwork, stone masonry, water features, planting, lighting and irrigation.

beautiful and relaxing gardens custom to your personal life-style
uncover you urban oasis, step outside with us
curb appeal, first impressions
low maintenance escapes

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Toronto, Ontario M6M 5E5

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Company Profile

Green Apple Landscaping offers a complete residential landscape design+build service in Toronto.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional and friendly customer service. With over 28 years of landscaping experience and a portfolio of award winning gardens we are dedicated and passionate about creating the perfect garden for our clients.

As a member of the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Association, we maintain high standards in our workmanship and current knowledge of City By-Laws and Building Code requirements.

Green Apple encourages and supports Green Solutions. We incorporate environmental innovation to create sustainable landscapes for our clients.

Installation dates and completion of projects are delivered within the time frame as promised. All our work is fully guaranteed.


Peter Solti
You might say Peter is the soul of Green Apple Landscaping having started Green Apple with a vision of creating a company where "The Customer Is Always Right” has meaning. He believes in honesty as a way of life and built the company while always maintaining respect for his employees. Peter handles production and estimation and has 30 years of experience in this industry. He is also an accredited Certified Landscape Professional. Some may call him granola, having been a committed environmentalist before it was fashionable. He only eats pesticide free food
and even grows vegetables in his front yard and on the city boulevard. He is excited about the new “Green Revolution” and is eagerly incorporating more eco-practices into Green Apple's processes. Peter looks forward to Ultimate once a week, where you’ll find him diving and jumping to catch a Frisbee.

Andrea Mclean
Andrea is our landscape designer; she is the creative force behind Green Apple Landscaping. Her passion for nature, intuitiveness and strong design skills provide our clients with exceptional gardens. Andrea's education includes both a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts & Landscape Architecture, both of which serve her well as a creative and knowledgeable designer. Andrea's graphic eye and sensibility of the landscape and architecture also comes through in her photography. When she isn't sketching, writing or shooting gardens, you can find her walking with her dogs or riding into the sunset on her horse!

John Anthony Morra
As Green Apple’s Site Foreman and Stone Mason he skillfully crafts our landscaping designs. Having come from a long line of stonemasons reaching back to Italy, he loves stone and brick. John has also inherited an Old World work ethic which shows in his hard work and dedication to every project. When he’s not working in the summer he is zooming around on his sport motorcycle, and in winter he switches to a skidoo back in Newfoundland. But he may have found a new love in our new excavator, which he has named Lucia. John is charming and likeable and has a confidence beyond his years.

George Toth
George masters anything he sets his mind to. He is our Master Carpenter and can build out of wood almost anything a designer can dream up. A former chef and landscaper, George found his calling as a carpenter. This is evident in the quality and precision of his woodworking. In his spare time he builds reproduction furniture and likes to hop on his mountain bike. If you want to get George to smile, bring him a decent espresso.


What can I say . . . your team did a great job. I am so happy, thrilled actually, at how it all turned out. Through this seamless process, you remained accommodating, open-minded and gracious throughout. Thank you! You left a very warm personal touch on something that is very important to me, my home. In my wildest dreams I could not have hoped for a better garden. Thank you again.
Nadine, The Beach

We have used Green Apple for two significant landscaping projects at our house and we could not be any more pleased with the results. From the initial design meetings through to the completion of the job, the experience has been thoroughly enjoyable. With Peter, you know that you will get top-notch service, exceptional quality of work and a crew that is professional and courteous. I wouldn't think of using anyone else to do any work on my house.
Bram and Erin, Central Toronto

We are truly pleased with the transformation that Peter and his team at Green Apple Landscaping have achieved in our front and back gardens. Once, untamed and unstructured the gardens are now restful and reflective of our personalities and values. It is a gift to be able to successfully translate client wishes and dreams into a viable garden. Green Apple was creative, resourceful, respectful and a pleasure to work with. We are very happy with the results.
Joanne Brown, Central Toronto

We would like to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you did with our back yard. The design captured the feel we wanted for the yard perfectly. The building of that design was done by such a professional, skilled and hard-working team as anyone could hope for. And the transformation surpassed our highest expectations. We still can’t believe it’s our yard.
Jean and Richard, The Beach

What a transformation. You created a great design and our backyard looks better than we could have imagined. Five years later and the walls and bricks are as good as the day you installed them.
Heinz & Janice, The Beach

Green Apple has produced a garden that we are very pleased with and one that has had a plethora of praise from passers-by. The follow up has been appreciated as we had some issues with the lighting and Peter came by to fix that 4 years later. Thanks so much for creating this space for us and helping us maintain it. It is truly satisfying to look upon it and still feel satisfied 4 years down the line; worth every cent.
Grace, Central Toronto

We first met with Peter in early 2002 on what his thoughts were around a complete landscaping change to our backyard. While the project was a few months away Peter was great in discussing various options and explaining how his design/build team would work. Needless to say Green Apple came through with an excellent job and the timing was perfect. Peter’s team worked very hard until our job was complete and the execution was flawless. We decided to do our front yard the following summer and hired Green Apple to do that work as well. The job done on the front was consistent with the work done on the backyard. We were very pleased with the work from Green Apple. From the design phase to (both) builds Peter and his team were great and we couldn’t be happier with the look of our property today.
John and Amanda, Central Toronto

In 2007, Green Apple took our very small backyard that was essentially a patch of grass and turned it into an wonderful outdoor living space with defined areas for lounging, entertaining, dining and barbequing. It was amazing to see what could be done with such a small backyard. I was so pleased with the result that I had Green Apple return in 2008 to do our front yard which, while small, was complicated owing to it being on a very steep hill. Once again, Green Apple demonstrated its ability to produce a creative and functional design. Not only are the results fantastic but dealing with Peter Solti and his crew from Green Apple was an absolute pleasure from our initial contact through to the completion of the project.
Julie Galloway, Toronto West

From beginning to end, the Green Apple team performed outstanding work. Andrea, Green Apple's talented landscape designer, developed plans that were unique, tasteful and very complimentary to our home. Her use of hard and soft landscapes seamlessly integrated together to create a flawless flow of form that enhanced functional spaces. Proprietor Peter Solti, provided a quote and managed all our expectations. He was very patient in answering all of our many questions and making sure we understood every step of the way, what was around the corner. The Green Apple crew was a courteous and fun group who took pride in their workmanship. When I had an issue with the placement of a flagstone, they quickly corrected it, no questions asked, despite the fact that the replacement was cumbersome and time-consuming. They finished the job on schedule and on budget and were always respectful. The finished project exceeds our meticulous expectations. The landscaping has truly made our home shine and we enjoy the many compliments we've received. I would not hesitate to use Green Apple Landscaping again in the future. Kelly and Gary, Birchcliff Village

Our Awards

  • Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2001
    Under $10,000 category, Residential Construction
  • Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2001
    $10,000 to $25,000 category, Residential Construction
  • Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2001
    $100,000 to $250,000 category, Residential Construction
  • Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2004
    $50,000 to $100,000 category, Residential Construction
  • Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2008
    $10,000 to $25,000 category, Residential Construction
  • Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2008
    $25,000 to $50,000 category, Residential Construction

Horticultural Trades Association Landscape Ontario
Green for Life!

Our Partners

Design + Build

Landscape Design
Creating one-of-a-kind residential gardens is our passion.

Green Apple Landscaping offers a premium landscape design service. Our award winning landscape designer has over 20 years of residential landscape design experience (BFA/BLA).

The design process

Step 1: Consultation
The consultation meeting is an introduction of the landscape designer to the client and their property. During this meeting, the designer consults with the client to review their aspirations, concerns and the potential of their landscape.

Step 2: Site Analysis
Analysis of the existing on-site and adjacent site features, which may impact the design of the garden, is done. An inventory of the property is documented, including site measurements, grades and photo documentation for future reference. Our goal is to create the perfect garden for our clients, which also works with the natural & architectural features of the existing landscape.
Step 3: Concept
Design Concepts are inspired by the unique features of the landscape and the social dynamics of our clients. The Landscape Designer conceptualizes the potential of the landscape from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. Concept sketches evolve, unearthing the best attributes of the garden, customized to our clients’ personal tastes and lifestyles.
Step 4: Landscape Plan
The final design drawing is presented to the client as the Landscape Plan. This 'master plan' clearly reflects our client's wishes and the designer's vision. The Landscape Plan is drawn to scale, labeled and rendered in colour for client visualization, ready for construction.

Landscape Build
Green Apple Landscaping builds custom outdoor living spaces using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and professionalism.

The build process

Green Apple Landscaping employs skilled and certified landscape professionals.

The design and construction of our gardens is a team effort. Every project is site managed and constructed with pride by our skilled trades on staff. The selection and installation of materials are carefully reviewed to ensure the best quality products for the site. We are committed to safety, skill and professionalism in the workplace, providing regular training and education for our employees. Our portfolio includes custom woodwork, stone masonry, water features, landscape lighting, irrigation systems, parking pads, and planting.


  • custom woodwork
    arbours, fences, gates, decks, railings, sheds
  • stone masonry
    walls, steps, boulders, benches
  • paving (unit pavers & natural stone)
    patios, walkways, driveways
  • water features
    fountains, ponds, pools, hot tubs
  • lighting & irrigation
    product selection, installation and maintenance
  • soft landscaping
    planting design and installation, soil amendment, bed preparation and mulching
  • garden decore
    sculpture, ornament, pots, furniture
Green Apple promotes low maintenance and sustainable landscapes. Gardens however, are living and forever changing ecosystems requiring seasonal tune-ups to keep them looking their best. We offer a re-visit and assessment package for our clients. The garden, which includes, plantings, stonework and woodworking, are reviewed and upgrades are suggested and implemented as required. Contact us to schedule your summer tune-up!
The stewardship of your garden is important to us. Regular maintenance of your garden will ensure that it will evolve and improve over time as intended. With the assistance of our stewardship professionals, we are committed to assisting you with the aftercare of your landscape and its proper development.


Feature Gardens
An in-depth tour, showcasing select gardens.

Backyard Retreats
Imagine what the backyard could offer; browse some back garden makeovers and be inspired.

Curb Appeal
The front yard is a direct extension of the home; make a first impression with curb appeal.

A Detailed Look
This is an up close and personal tour of the facets of a garden.

Parking Pads
We specialize in providing Off Street Parking Pads in Toronto.

Feature Gardens

Galloway Residence
A garden for outdoor living.

The challenge was to obscure the dominating perimeter obstructions and to redirect the focus into the heart of a relaxing garden setting. Luxurious living spaces are arranged within this back garden, customized to the client’s social lifestyle. This garden is an extension of the home, a place to relax and socialize with friends and family.

Donald Residence
Creative curb appeal.

The objective was to rejuvenate and transform a tired and overgrown front yard into creative curb appeal. The front yard was transformed from dark and drab into a unique and fab frontage.

Dean Residence
An intimate backyard retreat.

A sense of intimacy and privacy was created by preserving and enhancing the existing green perimeters. The garden rooms are uniquely carved, influenced by the site-specific characteristics and by the clients’ personal taste and social lifestyle. The garden is enhanced by the lush woodland exterior, which embraces the outdoor rooms within.

A Detailed Look

Customize the style of your garden with creative use of stone.

Architectural details add drama to the garden.

Paint a unique plant palette with texture and colour

Water adds visual and acoustical interest

Unwind in your personal oasis

Accessorize your garden

Go Green
“Green spaces create oxygen, capture carbon, filter pollutants and dust from the air. They provide shade and lower temperatures in urban areas, and reduce erosion of soils and contamination of our waterways.”

Green Apple Landscaping has always been an advocate for green choices and responsibility. Every season we lessen our environmental impact and advise our clients on alternatives that are available to them. We continue to research pro-green products & practices that will benefit our environment. You can make a difference, transform your backyard into your get-away . . . a retreat, it’s only steps away.


  • Bring all concrete removed from sites to recyclers where it is crushed and turned into gravel.
  • Use recycled concrete as gravel for most sub-bases of paving.
  • All paver materials removed from a site are donated to be re-used.
  • We return all wood skids to supplier for re-using.
  • We reuse large plant containers and recycle the smaller ones.
  • All metal, soil and asphalt are recycled.
  • We recycle all our office paper.
  • We donate our outdated office machines or take them to the proper City of Toronto recycling depot.
  • Bring our printer cartridges to centers that reuse them.


  • Water Harvesting: We offer installation of roof catchments systems and below ground water catchments systems for irrigation of gardens.
  • Our grading plans retain water on the site and the use of permeable paving allows water to enter the ground directly. This prevents run-off into our City’s storm sewer system, ending up in our rivers and lakes.
  • We educate our clients and encourage them to select non-toxic building supplies or processes.
  • We use native species and plants that do not require a lot of watering, where possible.
  • We use track excavators to eliminate soil compaction.
  • Create gardens that benefit wildlife habitats.
  • We use Bullfrog clean electricity at our office.
  • Our printing is on recycled paper.


  • Work locally within 25km of our office in the GTA and most of our staff use TTC, carpooling or bikes to get to job sites.
  • Use bio-diesel (vegetable oil and diesel) in our trucks and excavators.
  • Have installed new emission control devices on our trucks and excavators that reduce pollutants by 95%.
  • Use “Smart” vehicle for sales and management staff – reducing our fuel consumption by 70%.
  • When we are working at a site more than 10km from our office, we leave our truck at the site to eliminate the daily commute.
  • Use drip irrigation instead of spray heads to water plants more efficiently.
  • We communicate via email between our clients and internally to reduce the amount of paper we use.
  • Minimize home energy costs using trees for shade in the summer and to let sun heat the house in the winter.
  • Bring our lunches to work most days with reusable containers including coffee mugs.

Green Blog

Interactive forum about green initiatives and how we can all make a difference. We encourage you to take part and submit your ideas and stories.